Influencer Georgie Clarke is making waves with a series of photos that reveal the reality behind her "perfect" social media image. Clarke uses her platform to encourage her 714,000 followers (and counting!) to stop comparing themselves to the airbrushed, altered pictures they see online — because not everything is always as it seems.

A former contestant on Survival of the Fittest, the 27-year-old Londoner frequently posts side-by-side photos of herself — one that's posed, and one that's relaxed.

In her captions, Clarke breaks down the techniques she used to get the sculpted look, whether it's a particular camera angle or a tensed body position.

"It’s a clever pose, adjusted angle, strategic lighting, tensed body that’s then been enhanced and airbrushed... it’s not real life ladies, stop comparing yourself!" she explains in one caption.

Clarke also emphasizes the point that nearly everyone is presenting an idealistic snapshot of their lives online, and that we don't always get the full story behind the image. Instead, she urges her fans to celebrate their bodies without getting hung up on perfection or the "media's ideal of beauty".

"Please do not believe everything you believe on the internet because it's a place where people post their highlights... not their reality," Clarke writes in another post.

Through her inspiring posts, Clarke also informs her followers about the amount of exhausting work that goes into getting that perfect picture.

She explains that professional influencers and models "have literally mastered how to transform their bodies into flattering angles," learning how to scrutinize the tiniest details in their physique — "and let's not forget that if any of those elements didn't work for us... we can VERY easily tweak that image to look perfect."

Most importantly, Clarke's message is one of inclusivity and acceptance. She doesn't throw any shade to those who want to share their best-looking photos. In fact, she encourages it.

"On the left I am posed... On the right I am relaxed... Both images are beautiful and should be shared on this platform," another caption reads. By sharing both photos, she gives her followers a "reality check" — a reminder that there's much more to social media than meets the eye.

For more body-positive posts, you can follow Clarke on Instagram here.

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