2 Dead In Weld County Plane Crash
Deputies with the Weld County Sheriff's Office responded to a plane that crashed in a field near WCR 80 and WCR 43 on Tuesday, October 13, at approximately 11:37 a.m.
The only 2 individuals on the plane have been confirmed deceased at the scene...
Passenger Attacks Flight Attendant With Nail Clippers
It's finally happened. All those jokes made about how stupid it was for nail clippers to be confiscated at airports are now null and void.  According to CNN, flight attendants were forced to immobilize an unruly passenger after he tried attacking  them with his nail clippers.
The Alita…
One More Reason To Worry About Flying [Video]
This video is kind of scary, but it could be so funny with the proper voice over. I am not really sure of all the details of the video but, what I do know is that the big plane is part of a French airline, and if there are people on either planes, they probably need a change of pants.