A waiter at a Colorado restaurant got quite the surprise when a customer left a $1,088 gratuity - only to have it taken away when the diner sobered up.

According to USA Today, the owner of a Thailicious in Edgewater was skeptical over the massive tip and waited before giving employees their pooled tips at the end of the night.

"He said he'd read a lot of stories like this, but usually the tip is a couple hundred dollars, not $1,000," owner Bee Anantatho told the Denver Post, adding that even though tips are pooled, the waiter "was so happy" to receive the tip.

While we're all hoping for a happy ending for the waiter, that's not the case this time. The next day, the customer was waiting outside the restaurant's doors ready to take back the tip.

"He said, 'I'm sorry, I was drunk.' He didn't know he put all the money he had in the checkbook," said Anantatho.

The customer took back the money, but left $60 to cover his meal, plus a $40 tip.