There are some pretty interesting situations that can arise when enjoying the great outdoors in Colorado. Thank goodness there are search and rescue teams that can come to save the day.

According to a Facebook post from El Paso County Search and Rescue (EPCSAR), on Sunday, July 24, the team received a call early from a pair of hikers who needed some assistance down Barr Trail.

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Summer Means Camping In Colorado

A very good boy by the name of Roland was hiking down Barr Trail with his dad after a visit to Barr Camp. Roland must have been exhausted from adventuring and needed some assistance from Dad getting down the trail.

Of course, carrying Roland for miles exhausted Dad, and eventually, the duo had to call for assistance. Luckily El Paso County Search and Rescue have a team of professionals who knew just what to do and were able to escort the pair safely down the trail back to their vehicle.

As seen in the photo, Roland looks thrilled to have been rescued, and a comment from John Chandonais states:

Outstanding job, thank you all for helping our son and grand dog, I'm sure Roland enjoyed the attention.

Chandonais also gave a nice update about his grand pup explaining that the vet thought Roland most likely experienced a mild sprain, but that he received pain meds and is doing much better.

Barr Trail or Bust

Barr Camp is a popular camping site that commonly serves as a stopping point for those with plans to summit Pikes Peak. According to the history of Barr Camp, approximately, "18,000 trail users visit the camp annually and each year about 2,400 guests spend the night."

Unfortunately, there aren't many ways to reach Barr Camp, so it's Barr Trail or bust. There are no roads (not even forest service roads) to Barr Camp. You can either make the 6.5-mile hike up Barr Trail to Barr Camp or you can ride up to the summit of Pikes Peak or Elk Park Knoll and hike down to Barr Camp.

You might think that a 6.5-mile hike down the trail is easy, but Roland would disagree.

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