We all want to say 'less'. We all want to believe that we're good family members who switch off our phones and enjoy our family's company during the holiday season. I want to not eat a quarter of a 15-pound turkey on Thanksgiving day, but I do it anyway. We all want a lot of things.

This question isn't meant to come off as judgmental (despite that first paragraph) considering that a lot of times when we're on social media during the holidays, it's to engage with family members that are far away when we want them close, or maybe to share pictures of our loved ones. Or, I guess if you're a freak like that, to hit someone up on turkey day. Either way, how different is our social media usage over the holiday season compared to everyday life?

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016
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According to a 2016 study by Facebook, in November and December users shared "26% more posts, photos and videos overall compared to the non-holiday season". Most of that, too, was shared via a mobile phone. Most of the people surveyed, especially millennials, researched gifts for friends and family with the help of social media, and when it came time for New Year's resolutions, "Facebook conversations about New Year’s resolution[s] first peaked the day before Christmas".

So should we put our phones in our pockets, or is this all in good holiday fun? Vote on your habits below, and tell us in the comments what you think.

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