Midterms are over, and big changes are already affecting Colorado. However, Colorado has always been a place where change is welcome and accepted, including the historic action that was taken 125 years ago to this day.

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According to 9News, "in November 1893, a state referendum passed women’s suffrage into law – making Colorado the first state in the country to pass a measure giving women the right to vote." Wyoming was soon to follow, but this means that Colorado effectively beat the 19th Amendment by nearly 30 years.

I remember the first time I voted-- it was in 2012, and I've never felt more accomplished or proud of myself for taking part in a vital part of American democracy. I have our Colorado fore(mothers) to thank for that right.

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During this era, Colorado also took the lead in electing three women to be a part of the House of Representatives, which, in turn, opened the door for education reform, legislative progress for women, and numerous groundbreaking Colorado laws.

Let's all raise a glass to those historic women today and thank them for all they did for our state, so many years ago.

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