In the struggle for equality and acceptance, for many non-binary individuals, having to 'define' their gender is a big struggle. From bathrooms to government forms, only being offered the 'male' and 'female' option is not enough for individuals who just want their lived experience to be free from definition.

Colorado, thankfully, has made a step in the right direction when it comes to acceptance.

Courtesy of the Colorado Department of Revenue
Courtesy of the Colorado Department of Revenue

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, there will be a new gender option on Colorado licenses and IDs starting on November 30: 'X'. The new rules regarding this option require the individual to "present a DR2083 Change of Sex Designation form with a signature from their licensed treating medical or behavioral healthcare provider confirming the individual received appropriate clinical treatment for their correct sex in person at a driver license office." (Source: The Colorado Department of Revenue)

Several Colorado court cases affected this decision, but it comes at an appropo time: November is Transgender Awareness Month.

For more information on this new identifier, head here.

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