If you are one of the thousands of people planning to deep fry a turkey (or some other large poultry carcass), please do NOT dump your fryer grease down the drain!

According to the City of Fort Collins most fats, oils and grease (such as turkey fryer oil) will not be broken down in your garbage disposal.  The grease travels through the sewer system until it cools and congeals into a big grease ball and can cause sewage system blockages. Those can cause raw sewage to come back into your home, or your neighbor's homes and can overflow pipes and leak into streams and rivers.  Yuck.

Click here for the city's flyer about the dangers of dumping fats, oils and grease and how to properly dispose of it.

So, what do you do with your used grease? It's simple

after it cools, put it in a sealed container and take to a proper disposal site. Fort Collins has two of them.

[City of Fort Collins]

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