Yesterday was free comic book day and it was a lot of fun! Beano and I made our way around Fort Collins bouncing between 3 great locally owned comic book stores! First we hit up Gryphon Games and Comics and they had a lot to offer. They had the back of their store open and tables laid out with the free comics, and merchandise that was on sale. It was really tempting not to spend a whole bunch of money. The also had tables set up with artists and authors of comics and also making an appernace was the Foco Girls Gone Derby! They talked about their bout where it is going to be Heroes vs. Villains happening May 19th and it sounds like a lot of fun. AH! They also had medievil reenactors in front of the store complete with a minuature horse!

Second we went to New Genesis Comics and sadly they were pretty cleaned out. They did have some good deals happening on their other comics and Beano couldn't resist a purchase!

Third we went to Halley's Comics and they were completely cleaned out! Which was a bummer but we learned our lesson. Next year we just need to start earlier!

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