It's back to school time and a few weeks ago, things looked a little more promising in terms of mask-wearing for kids in 2021, or lack thereof. However, this took a bit of a turn yesterday when Denver Public Schools announced that masks will be required for everyone...students, staff, visitors etc...for at least the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

According to the Denver Channel, The requirement will be in place for people regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated against COVID-19 and takes effect Monday, Aug. 9, when teachers and staff report to prepare for the actual first day of school for students, which for Denver is Monday, August 17.

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Whenever there is a meeting between two or more people, masks will be required. The only time when they won't be is if a staff member or student is working in a room or workspace alone. Masks need not be worn when outside for recess and other activities.

The district's decision was made in coordination with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment and when it comes to charter schools, they will be able to make their own calls on masks indoors.

All of this comes a day after Denver said it would require all teachers and staff to be vaccinated by September 30.

Here in NoCo, currently masks are optional for pretty much all of the school districts including the Greeley/Evans District, the Poudre School District and Weld County districts. 

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