Last year, Colorado singles witnessed something on a seemingly daily basis that really rubbed in the fact that they're single - and now there's data to prove they weren't just imagining things. (Oh, fantastic!)

Denver saw a record-breaking number of marriages in 2016; a whopping 8,024 couples tied the knot, 9NEWS reports. In 2015, 685 fewer couples got married. As the TV station puts it: "Your Facebook timeline wasn't lying," insinuating that seeing all those happy engagement and marriage photos your friends were sharing really stung. (Though let's face it, it probably didn't sting that much and your dog/cat is happier that they still have you all to themselves, anyway.)

That means each day, according to city data, 36 marriage licenses were issued each weekday. August was the busiest month in 2016 with 980 licenses issued that month alone. (It was also the busiest month in 12 years, according to 9NEWS.)

I'm sure you're happy for all your friends that got married, regardless of your marital status. Either way, there's even more great news that everyone can celebrate - our state's divorce rate is at its lowest level in a decade, according to In 2015 (okay, so this is slightly outdated), Colorado saw 4.08 divorces per 1,000 residents, which is the lowest rate since 2004.

And while the popularity in civil unions have gone down, people continue to celebrate their love in that way. Colorado began issuing civil union licenses on May 1, 2013; that year, there were 761 civil union licenses issued in Denver, according to the City's Office of the Clerk and Recorder. Of course that number dipped in 2015 with marriage equality, but 19 people were issued civil union licenses that year, and 22 Denver couples got civil union licenses in 2016.

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