I'm not sure what's weirder: the fact that something like this is happening in the first place, or the fact that the law prevents anything from being done to stop it.

According to BBC News, a cemetery in Swindon, England has a badger problem.  Recently, badgers have begun burrowing beneath the cemetery and disturbing graves.  In some cases, human remains are being unearthed.  Gross.  Weird and gross.

But hold on, it get's weirder.  Authorities say they cannot take any action to remove or relocate the badgers.  It's all thanks to a law passed in 1992, called (no joke) the Protection of Badgers Act, which makes it illegal to interfere with any badger habitat.

I guess it would be kinda mean to forcibly remove all those badgers; but still, kind of an awkward situation!

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