Arguments happen in relationships, some would even go as far as saying they are healthy to have from time to time, but after one married couple's recent fight, the husband went to all extremes to show his wife just how fed up he really was with the situation – he listed her for sale on eBay, giving anyone out there the chance to bid on his 27-year old "Used Wife." According to the Daily Mail, Simon O'Kane, 33, of Yorkshire, England became frustrated with his wife, Leandra, after she wasn't giving him enough sympathy he felt he deserved after having a hard day at work. O'Kane was tired that evening and felt that his wife was being whiny, so his best idea to solve the problem was just to put her up for sale on eBay for £65,000, or roughly $86,000 in American dollars. The listing read:

Used Wife

For sale one wife.

Not new has been used but still got some good miles left in her. Reason for selling...I've had my fill and feel like there HAS to be someone out there that is more deserving than me (oh dear god please let there be).

Good points. Body work and paint still in decent shape and has some skills in the kitchen.

Bad points. Often makes this noise that cannot be silenced unless you order brand new shiny parts of metal. Sometimes them skills in the kitchen result in you ending up in the hospital.

All in all not a bad model for the year, I'm sure some lucky guy will get lots of use. Offers welcome, may consider a part exchange for a younger model. T & C's. Once bought , you cannot return...EVER.

Obviously, the prankster hubby was joking when he put his wife up for sale, but surprisingly Leandra received 57 bids from interested buyers, and unsurprisingly, she was fuming mad after learning what her spouse had done – and even more so for the photo he had used. eBay removed the listing after just a few hours, but long enough still forall of Leandra's coworkers to see. Despite the embarrassment caused from the prank, Leandra admitted that she would have been interested to see how high the bids would have actually gotten if the listing wouldn't have been taken down. Although Simon told the Daily Mail, "It wasn’t like I’d actually let someone have her —she’s too good,” he's probably still in the doghouse for this one.

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