Colorado State University Offensive Lineman Barry Wesley will never forget the day he was held at gunpoint.

The experience happened on June 10, when Scott Gudmundsen of Loveland used a gun with an optic sight to threaten Wesley and his coworker, Kyle Farrell. The experience was relayed on Sports Illustrated, who asked Wesley to describe the harrowing day, including how he thinks it reflects the current racial climate of America.

Wesley told SI and his teammates, “Be careful, If you think it can’t happen to you, it definitely can.”

Gudmundsen, who was outfitted in body armor when he held Wesley and Farrell at gunpoint, has since been arrested but claimed he was "protecting the community from Antifa", according to Sports Illustrated.

Wesley is currently recovering from the trauma he faced during this event, but is using his story to educate not just his teammates and fans in Colorado, but those in the U.S. who don't understand the social injustice he and his peers face every day.

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