Hawaii is the one travel destination I've been to in the world where I thought, "You know, if I could get a job at that hut by the beach I could stay right here the rest of my life." I went to Maui on my honeymoon and to Kauai last year and Hawaii was  beyond any expectations I had of paradise.

In news from CNBC, Allegiant Airlines, who fly out of the Fort Collins/Loveland Airport, will soon start flying to Hawaii!No, it wouldn't be a direct flight. But Allegiant already offers lots of direct flights to Las Vegas and their initial plan is to have three flights a week from Las Vegas to Honululu with airfares starting a $174 each way on those flights!

Now, add that price to the Vegas flights that cost around 1-2 hundred dollars each way and I envision a possible trip the the Hawiaan Islands with roundtrip airfare from Northern Colorado for 500-900 bucks.  Can I go ahead and book that right now?

Read the full story from CNBC here.

Here is what Allegiant said about the move in a press release:

"The announcement of service to Hawaii is a great achievement for Allegiant," Andrew C. Levy, Allegiant president, said. "Service to Las Vegas and Fresno reflects a moderate growth plan by our company. With the addition of the four aircraft we have acquisitioned, we plan to expand service to other mainland cities in the future. We anticipate the service will be very popular, especially when customers take advantage of Allegiant's low pricing when bundling their air, hotel and car rental package."

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Maui Sunset

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