We are in the midst of incredibly cold temperatures. Highs of only 8 and lows of -14, for several days in a row. Each time I take the boy dog Scout (the super hairy one) out to pee, I wonder. Could his pee freeze in some solid stream sculpture one of these times? So, I had to google it. And lucky for me, Mythbusters actually has already tested this.

Turns out a dogs normal body temperature is around 102 °F. So, safe to say so is their pee. I'm not a science-y kind of person, so I don't say urine, it's pee...to me. Mythbusters set out to test the theory and used a fake urine stream at −70 °F, that's waaaaaay colder than this Siberian blast we're receiving. The urine did not freeze. So, I guess I don't have to worry about my dog. I wish I could've found the video from this experiment, but I didn't. I did however include the video from the "can a penny dropping from a tall building, kill a pedestrian below" test. It's a good one!