The Denver Broncos are officially on the market, and many interesting names are being thrown around as potential buyers, including Kanye West. Broncos Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe supports the idea.

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Kanye West To Buy Denver Broncos?

Since the late great Pat Bowlen passed away, the talk of a new owner for his beloved Denver Broncos has been a support hot topic around not just Colorado, but the sports world in general. We've heard many names and potential options being thrown around as far as who the team's potential owner(s) could be. Yes, potential groups involving Broncos legends John Elway, and Peyton Manning in separate groups have come up. We even heard that Jay-Z was interested at one point. Now it seems one of Jay's longest friends has entered the conversation, Kanye West.

Shannon Sharpe Supports Kanye Buying The Denver Broncos

Antonio Brown got the conversation about Kanye being interesting in the NFL franchise with the following tweets on February 10th.

That led to reporters from TMZ asking legendary, Hall of Fame Tight End, Shannon Sharpe, who won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos, what he thought about Kanye West as a potential bidder for a team he loves so dearly.

"I'd be happy, if a minority, Robert Smith, I see Byron Allen is interested. If he can get some investors and 24 or 26 owners of the 32 agree,  I'm all for it."

Obviously being so close to the Broncos over his career, in particular the Bowlen family, he's not likely to agree to a situation he believed would be bad for the team. So the question remains, how interested is Kanye really? Was AB just talking to talk or is "Donda Sports" really wanting to pick up one of the most popular NFL franchises in history?

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