Being a single parent isn't a job to be taken lightly. This Northern Colorado city is the best-ranked Colorado city for single dads. Living here, we're not surprised.

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Northern Colorado City Ranked Best For Single Dads

If you have kids, you know how crazy being a parent can sometimes be. Between the "will you play with me's" that you can't say no to, taxi runs, event and planning coordination, playing chef and doctor, and so much more. It's not all cake and ice cream. Luckily for me, my wife is an absolute rockstar, and we're able to tag-team our three kiddos to ensure they're always taken care of. I just told her this morning how much my life would suck without her, and I meant it. Some parents aren't as lucky and have to do it solo, and bless them for that. Being a single parent is tough work, but there is a city in Northern Colorado that was just ranked the best city in Colorado for single dads that could make things "easier."

The crew over at LawnStarter set out to help narrow down the best cities for single parents and single dads. They compared 200 of the biggest cities in the country when it came to items like child-care costs, access to parks, affordability, health and education, public schools, and more.

Fort Collins, Colorado, Ranked Top City In Colorado For Single Dads

After all of the data was added, it was revealed that NoCo's very own Fort Collins was the top-ranked city in Colorado for single dads. Fort Collins came in at No. 41 with an overall score of 51.52. Lakewood, Colorado was next at 47, Denver at number 77, and Colorado Springs rounded out the Top 100 best cities at number 95. No. 1 on LawnStarter's list was Naperville, Illinois, which I've never even heard of. To me, it doesn't get much better than Colorado. Unless you're close to a Disney Park, that is.

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