After less than 20 years in existence, Colorado's 1stBank Center, formally the Broomfield Event Center, has hosted its very last event before being torn down.

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Big Rob TSM

1stBank Center In Broomfield, Colorado To Be Torn Down

It's always crazy to me how many multi-million dollar buildings can just be destroyed and torn down at the drop of a hat. It's always seemed so wasteful to me. The latest example of waste is the impending demolition of the 1stBank Center in Broomfield Colorado. We told you here back in May that the popular mid-size arena in Broomfield would be closing and torn down.

Why Did The 1stBank Center Close?

The Broomfield Urban Renewal Authority's Board of Directors said the reason for the demolition of the arena was that it never made a profit. Without a sports team, like the Colorado Eagles, consistently bringing in crowds of people, it's hard to make a profit with a building that costs as much as that one to run. The land will likely be re-developed into housing like the current area that surrounds the 1stBank Center. Here's a look inside during its final event

A Sad Goodbye To Colorado's 1stBank Center... Final Event Is Over

While the plan was to officially close the doors on November 30th, their final event according to their upcoming events schedule, and confirmed by the staff that we spoke to, was on Wednesday, September 27th. Here's a final look inside the popular Denver area arena during its final event.

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Colorado's Newest Fun Center Is Now Open And It's Fantastic

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