Colorado resident Dayna Jennings was sentenced to life in prison after poisoning and killing her father, William Mussack.

She had attempted to hide his body in a crawl space by covering it with concrete.

Jennings was convicted of first-degree murder and tampering with a human body. Her father's decomposing corpse was found by police in a crawl in the home on January 10, 2018.

Police had attempted to do welfare checks because relatives were concerned after not being able to get in touch with him in December 2017.

Mussack told his son he lost consciousness for nearly 15 hours after eating food his daughter gave him December 7, 2017. He texted his son, "she must have drugged me," according to the 17th Judicial District Attorney's Office, and that was the last time anyone heard from Mussack.

Prosecutors found that Jennings had researched the animal tranquilizer Acepromazine and its effects.

The drug is a central nervous system depressant which means it slows respiration until breathing and heart beats stop.

The Federal Heights Police Department started investigating December 2017, they searched the home reporting that it smelled "like sewage and something rotting," according to the Associated Press.

Jennings blamed the smell on a toilet that had overflowed and said her father was in the mountains with his girlfriend.

After poisoning her father, Jennings attempted to hide the body in a crawl space with garbage, old photos and poured concrete over everything.

Jennings is now sentenced to life in prison without parole for first-degree murder of her father with an additional six years for tampering with evidence (the deceased body).

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