In December, it was announced that Colorado's most famous hotel, The Stanley, was to be sold to an Arizona nonprofit. Five months later, those plans have changed, big time.

Tanner Chambers TSM
Tanner Chambers TSM

Sale For The Stanley Hotel In Estes Park, Colorado, Falls Through

Most folks in Colorado have not only heard of the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, but they've also experienced it live and in person. And why not? It's legendary.

Being a Colorado native, I remember seeing it as a kid for the first time shortly after it appeared on Dumb & Dumber. I never hadn't seen "The Shining" at that point because like I said, I was a kid.

From ghost tours to Halloween parties, I even helped EDM artist Zedd through a private event up there. He rented out the entire hotel and we had to change every lightbulb to blue lights to promote his album "Colors," You think the Stanley is creepy with the lights on, try it in all dim blue lights. Woof.

When they announced the sale of the hotel to a nonprofit in Arizona late last year, people worried about what would become of our world-famous Stanley... Now that the AZ sale has fallen through, the questions about what's next are back.

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State Of Colorado To Purchase The Stanley Hotel?

Tanner Chambers TSM
Tanner Chambers TSM

CECFA, which stands for Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority, is stepping in as an unsung hero as the sale of the Stanley Hotel to the AZ nonprofit fell through. Their plan would put them at the helm of the Estes Park, Colorado, classic within the next few months.

If all goes as planned, Colorado's state department will own this historic hotel and also be the ones on the hook for the money financed for some needed additions and updates to The Stanley.

The Denver Post reports that the next steps are to get the sale documents all set and finalized, get some changes made to the legislative statute, and begin finding potential bond investors.

What changes do you think could come to the famous hotel if this sale goes through? Is this a better situation than if the Arizona nonprofit's deal hadn't fallen through? If you haven't seen the Stanley lately, check out these awesome pix...

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