We all had our deepest memories and childhood emotions unlocked when Steve from "Blue's Clues" popped back onto our screens to tell us we were doing a good job. It was the encouragement we all needed in 2021.

In keeping up with the times, Colorado State Patrol just made a "Blue's Clues" parody video, and it's actually kind of incredible.

It's easy for things to feel cringe and forced, especially when government agencies try to stay "hip" and keep up with trends. But this is one exception where it's wholesome and well-executed. And it was done for a really great reason!

With Halloween coming on Sunday, it's about time that reminders to be diligent and cautious on Halloween night start showing up.

Kids will be out walking around and those of age will most likely be drinking. It's important that everyone conducts themselves responsibly and stays aware while on the road and walking around town.

And that's exactly what Colorado State Patrol popped on in a "Blue's Clues"-themed way to remind people of!

In an incredibly encouraging way, while admittedly getting me to interact with the video the same way I did with "Blue's Clues" growing up, Colorado State Patrol calls for help from the community to drive slow and keep an eye out for trick-or-treaters.

Halloween was a magical time for all of us adults when we were growing up. And you have to admit, as kids, we weren't really that concerned about drivers around us. Sure, we looked both ways before crossing the streets and held hands with our parents and friends, but we put a lot of faith into strangers driving down the same streets where we were knocking on doors.

Let's give the kids of today that same confidence in us and make Halloween as incredible for them as it was for us.

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