Both State and Local Law Enforcement attempting to keep the roads safe this weekend. In an effort to decrease the amount of death's caused by drunk driving every memorial day weekend, Colorado's Office are stepping up the heat this weekend. It serves as a reminder that as the Summer Season begins, drinking and driving is never the right idea. In a world with Uber & Lyft, there is really no excuse to get behind the wheel when you have had too much alcohol. Plan ahead and you won't find yourself pulled over this weekend. 372 arrests were made in last year's campaign, w/ one alcohol related death. A decrease from years past, showing the program's effectiveness; increase the arrests, decreases the death toll.

The 'Heat Is On' Campaign runs from Friday, May 26 to Tuesday May, 30. Police are targeting all areas of cities and towns as well, with plans to have double the amount of officers on duty. Ft. Collins, Loveland, and several smaller Northern Colorado towns report to have increased patrol all weekend long. Denver and the surrounding areas will have increased patrol as well as several checkpoints set up every night. Just one evening into this weekend I have been through a checkpoint and have seen several officers all over northern Colorado.

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