A Centennial homeowner's association is in hot water after banning a local police officer from flying a "thin blue line" flag outside of his home.

According to CBS4, the controversy began when Copperleaf Homeowners Association sent the officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, a letter telling him that he must take the flag down within 14 days because it is a "violation of the neighborhood policies."

The officer has flown the flag, which represents support for law enforcement, for the past seven years. This is the first time the symbol has become a problem.

"We serve the city and we serve the people. Not everybody likes us, and that's okay," the officer told the station. "You don't have to like us, but even if you don't like us, and you call and ask for help, I'm still going to go because that's what I signed up to do. That's what the flag represents."

While the HOA is threatening the officer with another notice or a fine, he is refusing to take the flag down.

He plans to write a letter to the HOA explaining the meaning behind the flag, with the hope that the organization will reevaluate its stance.

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