In 30 years, the Colorado Rockies have only sent one player to Major League Baseball's Hall Of Fame. That is, until now. Congrats, Todd Helton. See the official call video below...

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Colorado Rockies Todd Helton Elected To The Hall Of Fame

If you're a Colorado native, or even if you're not, you've probably been to a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field in Denver at one point or another. And if any of those games were between 1997 and 2013, you've had the privilege of seeing this now Hall of Famer play ball.

Todd Helton, who the Rockies drafted as the eighth overall pick in the 1995 draft, is a living baseball legend and is beloved by anyone who's ever called themselves a Colorado Rockies fan. He's the Colorado baseball GOAT!

I'll never forget the visual of Todd catching that out at 1st base to send the Rockies to their first World Series in 2007. What an iconic pose and moment in the Rockies history.

Sadly, the Rockies were swept by the Red Sox in their first, and only World Series appearance, but making it was a feather in the cap of a fantastic career, that landed Todd this special phone call...

Todd Helton Gets The Hall Of Fame call...

As a man who has given so much to Colorado on and off the field, the reaction from the greatest Colorado Rockies player of all time was priceless. He missed the honor by just a handful of votes last season, but clearly, it was worth the wait. From one GOAT to another, his longtime friend, Peyton Manning is thrilled for his former college teammate.

Peyton Manning Reacts To Todd Helton Hall Of Fame News

The Cooperstown journey was worth the wait, as Todd Helton, a lifelong Colorado Rockies player, will forever be known as a Hall of Famer. Congrats, Todd!

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