Colorado has been a gun totting state for a while now. How do you think the state ranks amongst the best and the worst places to live with a concealed carry permit?


There were a couple of things that went into place when the officials were deciding who had the best and worst 'rules' or standards when it came to concealed carry permits.

Guns & Ammo magazine checked the current laws in each of the 50 states and they also looked at the District of Columbia. They gauged the best and worst by ease of acquiring a permit, cost and training required.


Colorado is ranked #33: Residents can get a permit from the local sheriff, but are not allowed to carry in schools and public buildings.

Kansas comes in at #22: The state ranks high in most categories except fees to carry are way above the average.

Wyoming ranks at #4: The state is very similar in its carry laws as Vermont with the exception that it kept its permitting system in a way that residents can carry in reciprocal states.

Utah comes in at #2: Of all the states that require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Utah has a short list of non-carry areas and the fees are inexpensive.

Arizona is #1: The best state to carry a concealed permit as it tops all of the lists and although it is not required to issue permits, they do.



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