Have you ever looked at an animal and thought to yourself "self, I'd really like to have one of those at home?" Well I have on MANY occasions and while most of the time I know the answer is no because we're talking animals like a fox, a jaguar, and a bear.

Many people actually own exotic pets and that's perfectly fine because there are so many that you are allowed to own as long as you have the means to properly care for them and house them.

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According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, at least from their perspective...wildlife should stay wild because not only are these animals happier in the wild, some of them are flat out too dangerous to own.

It IS however legal to own domestic animals, which aren't regulated by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. These animals must, however, comply with regulations of the state agriculture and health departments that deal with public and animal health. This is a list of animals classified as domestic:

I'm not gonna lie, I'm SHOCKED to see that it is legal to actually own Bison and a Yak, those are the two most surprising to me on this list.

Exotic Animals You Can/Can't Own In Colorado

You can check out the full list of exotic animals you CAN own HERE.

Here's a list of animals you are NOT allowed to have a pets.

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