Growing up in Colorado, I played on many awesome playgrounds all over our great state. The park we took my son to last year made me extremely jealous as it was one of the very best I've ever seen. Ever been?

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Best Playground For Kids In Colorado

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

As a kid, I remember having favorite parks to play at with my dad and younger brother. We had quite a few that we'd travel a decent distance to play at, like one that I named the "blue car park," which was named that because it had one of those old spring cars that would rock back and forth that was blue. Another one of my favorites was the rocket park which had a giant three or four-story metal rocket jungle gym. Ironically, tall playgrounds aren't my thing anymore as I'm not a height guy at all anymore. While those parks were cool, none were even as close to the park I found in Fort Collins.

Twin Silo Park In Fort Collins, Colorado

This Colorado Playground Is One Of The Absolute Coolest In The Country

Built and opened in 2017 for about $16 million, the Twin Silo Park in Fort Collins, Colorado, is truly one of the coolest and most creatively designed playgrounds I've ever seen. While seeing it and experiencing it in person is a must, here are some pix to show you just how cool this Colorado playground is.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

Speaking of fun must try slides... This place was crazy fun!

This Colorado Slide & Action Park Is One Of The Best In The Country

We got to visit Colorado's newest action park and it was so much fun. These slides get some serious air!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

A Sad Goodbye To Colorado's 1stBank Center... Final Event Is Over

While the plan was to officially close the doors on November 30th, their final event according to their upcoming events schedule, and confirmed by the staff that we spoke to, was on Wednesday, September 27th. Here's a final look inside the popular Denver area arena during its final event.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

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