The Dab Space Station may be a Colorado-based party cannabus that allows its passengers to get totally lit while providing rides to concerts and other events, but a scary incident that happened earlier this month isn't exactly what the bus owner, Ryan Skidmore, had in mind when telling people it's okay to light up inside. Why? Because on November 4, while parked in Lakewood, the bus was quite literally ablaze.

Around 5 a.m. that morning, Skidmore woke up to his roommate screaming that the Dab Space Station was on fire. Police and firefighters were already on scene as Skidmore ran out to the fiery bus with an extinguisher in hand.

Upon initial investigation, police thought that the fire could have started because of an electrical short or similar problem. This theory was debunked later on in the day, when Skidmore was able to get a better look inside his bus, and noticed two bottles, which were actually Molotov cocktails, melted on the floorboard. It was at this point, he realized the fire was started on purpose by someone.

Over the course of three years of owning the bus, Skidmore put in approximately $20,000 into repairs. The bus is a 1999 Ford E450 Econoline and could seat up to 16 people.

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Unfortunately, because Skidmore wasn't driving or working in the Dab Space Station when the flames broke out, the damage is not covered by insurance. The bus arsonist has yet to be caught, but a Dab Space Station Funeral Fund has been started by Skidmore's roommate, in attempts to raise money to restart the business.

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