There are some amazing parks in the state of Colorado, but recently, Trip Advisor announced one of Colorado's parks as the #1 park in the U.S., and the #2 park in the World. Just a short drive down I-25 in Colorado Springs, sits Garden of the Gods park. Having been there several times, I absolutely agree with Trip Advisors ranking.

Sitting in the shadow of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods is a unique biological melting pot. With giant red-rock spires shooting out of the landscape, surrounded by grasslands, up against the mountain woodlands and filled with all kinds of wildlife. It's an amazing place to rock climb, go horseback riding, have a picnic, take photos or just enjoy a hike.

Coming in at #1 in the United States is not surprising to anyone who has ever spent any time at Garden of the Gods. However, coming in at #2 in the world is rather amazing. The only park that is ranked ahead of Garden of the Gods is the Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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