On the neighborhood-focused website, Nextdoor.com, there was a report of a hungry bear, who is stocking up for winter – and apparently taking notes from Winnie the Pooh, too.


A woman recently left a comment warning neighbors of a bear in the area of Clemma Court and Overland Trail in West Fort Collins. She noted that it had gotten into the backyard, demolished one of her beehives and proceeded to eat loads of honey from midnight until 2 a.m. Not even bright lights or a loud car alarm were enough to scare this bear away from the sweet stuff. Because the bear is now used to finding food in this location and will likely return, other neighbors posted that CPW has advised them to temporarily remove their beehives.

Several more bear sightings were reported on Nextdoor within the past few weeks. These being in the neighborhoods of Quail Hollow near Overland and Drake, by Troutman Park, Laporte/Cherry Streets, and around Sheffield Circle East/West in Village Green. It was about this exact same time last year, that I also came across a bear in my own backyard, check out the photos here.

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