It sucks that we even have to think about people doing bad things to children. I remember when I was young there was a big scare of poison and razor blades hidden in Halloween candy. Well, this year police are warning parents to watch out for marijuana candy in their kids trick-or-treat bags.

According to 9News, parents need to be on the lookout for marijuana-laced candy. Some sinister people might try and pass it off as normal candy. (Or maybe they just forget which candy on their counter is not kid-friendly.)

You can watch this video from 9News about the dangers of the pot-candy and keep in mind that a lot of the marijuana candies are named and packaged to look very similar to actual candy.

If anything looks questionable, just throw it out.

Some other tips for inspecting your kids' candy:

  • Don't let them eat anything until you inspect it at home
  • Throw out anything that is not wrapped or packaged (Including fruit)
  • Do not eat anything that appears to have been opened or tampered with
  • Do not eat candy that has been unwrapped or opened.
  • Do not eat homemade treats from strangers
  • Check labels for any allergens that may affect your kiddo

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