It's not much, but it's something.

In honor of Women's History Month, looked into the gender pay gaps in the U.S. to see which state was the worst offender. Luckily, Colorado is in the top 20 list for lowest pay gaps, meaning we're doing okay.

If you're already confused, this just means that Colorado pays women less than what they pay men, but only by about $0.17 less on the dollar. It's still not great (because in an ideal world, we'd all get the same amount for the same job), but compared to other states, Colorado ranks #20 in America for having the smallest gap.

Let's hope that one day, we can all be like California, who has the smallest gap of all: They come in at $0.88 on the dollar. By the way, ladies? Stay away from Louisiana. 

To see how every state ranked, check out the full list here. 

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