There's camping, and then there is glamping and all the comforts that come with it.

In Colorado, imagine camping at a normal campsite in a normal, small, two-person tent. Hmm. Seems like we need some upgrades, right?

Now, instead of camping in the woods outside Grand Junction, or the backyard, let's make it a spot nestled between an actual Colorado Horse Ranch and maybe an exotic animal sanctuary? Instead of a tent, how about we set you up with a 20-foot-tall Teepee?

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Find Creekside Glamping at DEKO Ranch in Hudson Colorado

Go from camping to glamping in one evening at the DEKO Horse Ranch near Hudson, Colorado. There's a special campsite located on this ranch that will be way more fun than some stuffy hotel room that is usually twice the price it was the last time you stayed there. Instead, let's head outdoors to a campsite with plenty of firewood that is stacked and ready to go next to a live Colorado creek.

Colorado Airbnb Rental Features a Giant 20-Foot Glamping Teepee

The Teepee at DEKO Horse Ranch is twenty feet tall. It sleeps up to four people, and if you flip through the photos below you'll be adding this spot to your MUST-DO glamping sites in Colorado. It's about 270 miles from Grand Junction to Hudson, but if you plan ahead you might catch a ballgame in Denver and then head out to the ranch for a night under the stars?

See Inside the Giant Glamping Teepee at DEKO Ranch Near Denver Colorado

There are a few rules for guests at the DEKO Ranch but I think you'll find they are easy rules to live with. They welcome guests to trek around the ranch but they ask that you close all gates behind you if you open them and that you do not enter or linger around the horse pens. We have included a map of the grounds of the Ranch in the gallery below. Just stay inside the Ranch boundaries during your stay and you'll be fine. Go enjoy that campsite!

Colorado Horse Ranch Offers Creekside Glamping in a Giant Teepee

There is a horse ranch in the Colorado plains that offers a creekside glamping experience inside a giant teepee! This unique overnight rental is available to vacationers for less than most hotels charge on a nightly basis. Let's take a look.

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