The Eagles are coming back home to the Budweiser Events Center this weekend!

After a long time on the road, Colorado is returning for a weekend stint full of exciting promotions with both nights against the Henderson Silver Knights.

Cowbell Giveaway Night

Cowbells and hockey. Name a better duo.

If you've been to a hockey game, especially an Eagles game, you know how loud they get. It's kind of a trademark for the sport. That aspect will be even more in full swing with the Cowbell Giveaway Friday night, Nov. 19.

Be sure to arrive at the game early as those cowbells will be a hot commodity for the night!

Colorado Hockey Night

Really this is more for the fans to amp up excitement before the game!

The Eagles will be holding their first-ever pre-game bubble hockey tournament right before Saturday night's game (Nov. 20) against the Silver Knights! Get there early enough and you might just win a prize.

How the Eagles stack up against Henderson

So far this season, the Eagles have faced the Silver Knights twice, both matchups taking place back in October. However, both were away and the Eagles didn't have the arena behind them.

In the two previous games against Henderson, the Eagles have lost, one game going into overtime.

Since October's games, the Silver Knights have gone on to achieve a current 6-4 record while the Eagles are toting a 5-6 record.

The biggest strength for the Eagles? Their bodies in the net.

Defensively, Colorado's goaltenders have kept them in game contention in almost every match up so far this season. What the Eagles need is to find the intensity they showed in their preseason games against the Texas Stars.

If they are able to find each other in transition earlier on and get their rhythm sooner in the game, they'll be a force to be reckoned with this weekend.

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