Although the San Jose Barracuda came back from being swept in the preseason by the Eagles with a vengeance, the Eagles still look like they're going to have an incredible season.

It's difficult to see two losses in a weekend and understand that the final score doesn't necessarily reflect the productivity of the entire game itself. Both nights of the Eagles' home season-opening weekend were close, which was to be expected.

Yes, I understand that hockey is a contact sport. Arguably one of the most contact sports, next to maybe football and rugby. However, as chippy as the game was from the puck drop, it took the Eagles a while to find their footing against an aggressive San Jose team.

The first half of the first period looked like we were a man down, purely off of San Jose's defense and their ability to box us out of any clear shot on goal.

Beyond that, things seemed to even out on the aggression side, but there were still a few misses that made the difference. The biggest one? Colorado just couldn't seem to find consistency in timing for passes in transition.

Moving forward in the season

As is the nature of the AHL, the Eagles have had a few roster movements over the last week.

While players continue to fluctuate, Colorado has a solid core, especially in the net with Justus Annunen. This last weekend's games against San Jose saw a lot more balance between the two teams offensively, meaning Annunen faced a lot more shots on goal. Despite the loss, he still held his own, notching 25 saves on the night.

The Eagles will be hitting the road to face the Bakersfield Condors this Wednesday, Oct. 25, and the San Jose Barracuda again Friday, Oct. 29.

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