We all know that there are many people moving to the Front Range of Colorado, but there are still some cities that have "some" room. One of those was just named one of the best small cities to move to in America.

According to Thrillist, the city of Golden has made their list of "Best Small Cities in America to Move to" and it's the only Colorado city listed.

They state that these are the reasons it is a great city to move to:

  • Perfect location between Denver and the mountains to be able to hit up the skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
  • With Boulder right up the road, along with Denver, it's easy to find a great job while living in a small city.
  • Short distance from Red Rocks, Coors Field, and other cultural centers in the state.
  • Coors Brewing Company is here, which is a major plus.
Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Other cities that made the list on Thrillist include Greenville (South Carolina), Bisbee (Arizona), and Hood River (Oregon).

Want to learn more about Golden? Check out this video if you are thinking of moving there:

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