If you've ever wondered if you were legally allowed to record a call here in Colorado then keep reading because we have your answer.

Sometimes you think, "I wish I had recorded that" when on the phone when someone, but then probably question the legality of recording a phone call without an official disclaimer.

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Why Anyone Would Want to Record A Phone Call in Colorado

Sometimes a person would like to record a phone call to remember important information or just fun memorable moments. For example, when your favorite radio station calls you to let you know you just won an awesome prize.

In other cases, some may be looking to obtain evidence about a particular dilemma . For example, you're dealing with a situation where it's your word versus the other person's and you need proof that what was spoken about really came directly from them.

Is it legal to Record Phone Conversations in Colorado?

It is in fact legal to secretly record a phone conversation that you are a part of in Colorado according to ShouseLaw.

Colorado is a one-party consent state, meaning that if just one member of the conversation is okay with the call being recorded then it is legal. Unlike certain businesses that air a disclaimer, you do not even have to tell the other party that the call is being recorded.

There are actually several free automatic call recorders available on both the apple and google playstore for those interested.

You may not, however, record a phone conversation that you are not a part of because that would be considered eavesdropping, which is illegal in Colorado.

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