I don't know if I'd be able to do it, no matter how good the price was but then again it's said that everyone has a price.

I've gone over it in my head a bunch of times and even discussed it with my wife who is  a huge true crime/murder mystery person and she said the same thing, it would be so hard to do, live in a house where a man killed his wife and two kids but that's exactly the situation that's going on down in Frederick, Colorado.

The house has been sitting empty for the most part since then was put up for auction a few months ago and now apparently officially have new owners.


Chris Watts, who murdered his wife, their unborn son and two daughters about 4 years ago has been serving time in a Wisconsin prison and is currently serving 5 life sentences.

The property has been a creepy and disturbing destination for true crime enthusiasts to check out, especially after the Netflix documentary "American Murder, The Family Next Door" came out a couple of years ago.

We don't know much about who owns the home now except their last name which honestly, I was pretty surprised to see their agent revealed in the Facebook post attached above and as much as the past can never be truly erased, we wish the new home owners nothing but the best and hope they fill that house with love, warmth and happiness for years to come.


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