It's a horrifying story, but charges have been filed against Peter Van Bawi Lian for the murder of his wife and military desertion.

Lian was stationed at Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs when the alleged crime took place, and lived with his wife prior to the events. Before she passed, Lian had been arrested on charges of "assault and menacing", as well as allegedly abusing his wife on November 30 (Source: ABC News).

Khuang Par, Lian's wife, was 27 years old when she died. Her body was recovered in a dumpster inside a suitcase, of which Lian posessed a matching suitcase and lock in his army barracks in Colorado Springs.

Lian had been planning to leave the country when his wife's body was recovered, and ended up flying to Hong Kong and finally Thailand, according to an affadavit recovered by ABC News.

Full details on the story can be read here, and anyone with further information on the case is encouraged to call police at 317-327-3475.

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