John Mayer (literally) sung the praises for a Grand Junction toffee company, Enstrom's Candies, on his Instagram page.

In the story (that is now a highlight on his IG page, so you can watch it anytime you feel like hearing this catchy song), he opens the box of toffee and sings 'The Toffee Song', where he has a plan to eat one and throw the rest away.

John Mayer on Instagram
John Mayer on Instagram

Obviously, this plan goes horribly wrong.

Click here to watch the entire 'Toffee Song', which I think he should ship out as his new single (but that's just me). The most relatable part, no doubt, is when he fishes the toffee out of the trash since he can't resist.

Thanks for finally nailing down what it's really like to live by yourself, John Mayer.

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