If you're missing the competition and excitement of sports, you might want to turn on the live stream video of a bald eagle nest at Standley Lake Regional Park.

The city of Westminster, Colorado has a online, live stream video camera posted near the nest of two beautiful bald eagles so we all can enjoy nature while social distancing. Monday afternoon, things turned ugly as an unwanted intruder made repeated attacks on the nest of eggs well into the evening.

According to the Standley Lake Regional Park a female bald eagle (not the mother) was caught on camera attacking the nest and pecking at the eggs. The mother and father continued to try and protect the eggs, fighting with the intruder. The mother and the intruder eventually rolled out of the nest and disappeared.

The next day, the father eagle was spotted with another bald eagle that had blood all over it's beak and talons. Colorado Parks and Wildlife have said on their Facebook Page that they suspect that the bird is the mother of the eggs because the father eagle didn't attack her.

That female eagle has since left, and Dad has been intermittently incubating the nest with no other eagles in sight since roughly 11:00 AM.
Our district wildlife manager told us if the female was Mom, it is likely she is recuperating alone and to not expect her to return to the nest and resume her normal duties today.
Standley Lake Regional Park continues to monitor the eagles on their Facebook page.


The eagles have been experiencing some serious events in the past 24 hours. This is typically the week where eggs hatch,...

Posted by Standley Lake Regional Park on Tuesday, April 7, 2020


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