Nothing gets the crowd pumped like a good throwback song, even at a Colorado Avalanche game.

Colorado Avalanche is aiming to bring home the Stanley Cup this year as they face off against Tampa Bay Lightning, and they just might do it with a song from the late 90s.

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90s Throwback Song Played for Colorado Avalanche

If you've attended a Colorado Avalanche game or even watched a game on TV, you may have noticed fans singing a tune from 1999.

The song? Blink-182's "All the Small Things."

 How the Colorado Avalanche Tradition Got Started

According to a report from NHL,  the tradition began back in 2019 when Colorado Avalanche DJ, DJ Triple T, was thinking of ways to make the audience more engaged.

The DJ heard Blink-182's popular hit on the radio and remembered what a great song it truly is. DJ Triple T decided to throw in the mix at one of the games and to his surprise, the song received a very warm welcome.

Fans loved it and it soon became a regular thing until COVID-19 hit and fans weren't allowed to attend games. Despite the pause DJ Triple T continued playing the song, which in turn gave fans comfort and helped them feel like they were actually at the game.

When games re-opened to the public, the fans never missed a beat, with the All the Small Things tradition continuing.

Even Colorado Avalanche Players Get Into the Song

Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog told NHL that they feed off of the fans' energy and the cheers and song definitely mean a lot to each of the players. 


Of course, during the games, the players are mostly focused on what's happening inside of the rink versus outside, but while they're on the bench they can be seen following tradition like the rest of us.

Even Blink-182 Is Aware of Colorado Avalanche Tradition

Word travels fast these days so even bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus is aware of the Colorado Avalanche tradition.

I wonder if we can expect a special performance if the Avs bring home the Stanley Cup, talk about goals!

Celebrities with the Stanley Cup

Take a look at these stars who were able to spend some QT with the Stanley Cup:

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