Grocery shopping can be quite the hassle. For some, shopping can actually lead to stress and anxiety

What’s even worse is that the prices of groceries keep going up. In 2023, groceries on average increased 1.3% in price, and experts believe that it will only increase in 2024. 

While 1.3% doesn’t seem like a huge price hike, even the smallest increases in price can be detrimental to your wallet once you start to stock up on essential items. 

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Fortunately, a Colorado store has you covered. Not only is their goal to help you get food on the table, but to help you save a ton of money in the process. 

My BargainMart in Colorado Springs is One of Colorado’s Cheapest Grocery Stores

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My BargainMart has been a staple for the residents of Colorado Springs for two decades at this point. 

Opening in 2005, the store specializes in selling discounted foods from other stores that have either overstocked items, items that don’t have new packaging, or are approaching their “Best Buy” date. 

For people who are concerned about the label dates, they try to clear up any confusion on their website. They talk about how in many cases, people take label dates too seriously, thinking the food automatically goes bad once that date hits. 

However, in many cases, these foods are completely safe to eat. In fact, most of these labels are meant less for safety and more for quality. At My BargainMart, the food will always still be quality, but their label dates may be closer compared to other stores.

They also note on their website that the majority of food waste comes from these labels, since so many people think of it as an end-all and be-all when it comes to deciding if the food is expired. 

Why Does My BargainMart Sell Their Food For So Cheap?

Facebook // My BargainMart
Facebook // My BargainMart

The owner of the store, Jim Krug, was actually interviewed for Fox 21 about this exact question. The answer is simple; everybody needs to be able to eat.  

He recalled going to stores as a child and getting candy bars for as cheap as $0.50, and wanted people in Colorado Springs to have a similar experience. 

Pricing wise, they are way ahead of competition. For example, Krug notes that for the cost of rice,”... we’re seeing $2.30 a pound at other stores, [while] we sell it for less than $1 a pound.”

The store also sells more than just groceries. At My BargainMart, you can also find vitamins along with clothes as well. 

Finally, My BargainMart is very forgiving when it comes to their return policy. If you are not satisfied with anything they sell, all you need to do is bring in a proof of purchase and they can refund you. Even then, if you have misplaced your receipt, they will try to accommodate you the best they can. 

Sure, My BargainMart may have the cheapest groceries in Colorado, but it’s so much more than that. It is a place that offers people on a budget a fantastic alternative for getting food on the table. In that sense, My BargainMart and Jim Krug should truly be applauded for their dedication to feeding the Colorado Springs community.

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