If you're craving a Slurpee near this once-popular Colorado 7-Eleven location, you'll have to look elsewhere because after over a decade, this local location is officially closed down.

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Local Colorado 7-Eleven Closes Doors After Over A Decade

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7-Eleven is a brand that just about everyone in the world knows. Beginning back nearly 100 years ago with its first location opening in 1927, the brand has grown to over 84,000 stores in about 20 different countries. It's hard to get away from this iconic brand.

When my family and I took a cruise over the summer, we had a day in Mexico and as we walked around, we saw, and I'm not kidding, three different 7-Eleven stores within blocks of each other. 7-Eleven is truly running wild like Hulkamania down in Mexico and beyond.

Be it a Slurpee or Big Gulp fiend, or just someone who needs gas or munchies late at night, 7-Eleven has your back 24/7 365. It's sometimes literally the only thing open and has certainly saved my bacon a time or two. Because we love them so much, it's always a bummer to see one close.

7-Eleven Closes Denver Store After 13 Years

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On the corner of Colfax and Josephine now sits an empty building, covered in graffiti where a once popular 7-Eleven location served up Slurpee's and Big Gulps for over a decade. Now the store has closed, and the reason isn't really clear.

The Denver Post spoke with Jimmy Balafas, who is an executive for the Denver-based Kentro Group, which owns this specific property, and said he received a letter from 7-Eleven Corporate, informing him of the closure but wasn't specific about the reason.

The lease wasn't up for another two years, so there's potential for this property to sit vacant for the next two years until it expires. Was it an increase in theft? Was it just a bad location? The fact that it's been closed less than a month and is already boarded up and covered in graffiti might lead one to believe the location was the issue, but we cannot confirm that officially.

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