Got a road trip planned this summer? The price of gas may change your plans in some cases depending on your destination.

What if we could go back in time and tag along on someone else's road trip and let them pay for the gas? A gallon of gasoline in 1945 cost a whopping .21 cents.

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Take A Look At This Colorado Road Trip from the 1940s

In a video from youtube posted by the Oklahoma Historical Society, we found about 20 minutes of road trip footage taken during the mid-1940s here in Colorado. This family travels down the highway to Idaho Springs making a couple of stops along the way. Their 16 mm camera does a pretty good job of filming as they drive down the mountain roads looking at the scenery.

Do You Recognize These Colorado Front Range Locations?

Scroll through the photos below and see if you can recognize the popular statues and landmarks they are visiting. Some of these statues have been moved over several decades and it is pretty neat to see some of these things as they appeared in the 1940s. After we look at the photos we will share the full-length video below.

Let's Hitch A Ride to Colorado's Idaho Springs

See if you can recognize the route in the photos that leads to the old Charlie Tayler Water Wheel and waterfalls near Idaho Springs? The zoo at the end of the photos is un-named in the credits of the film from the historical society. See if you can recognize where it is. We see the Thatcher Memorial Fountain near the end of the film so the family must have ended the road trip near Denver. Let's take a look.

Photos: See What A Road Trip in Colorado Looked Like in the 1940s

See what a road trip through Idaho Springs, Colorado looked like in the 1940s. Scroll through these photos that include a trip to Bridal Veil Falls and an unnamed zoo in the area.

Colorado in the 1950s: Photos of Central City, Estes Park & Grand Lake

See how Rocky Mountain National Park, Central City, and Estes Park looked back in the 1950s as we scroll through images from the "Vagabond" tv show produced by Periscope Film.

MORE: What Happened to the Old Mining Community of Silver Plume Colorado?

See what remains in the old mining community of Silver Plume, Colorado that still sits along Clear Creek over on the Front Range. A few residents remain and a couple of businesses are still open despite the remains of a town that had to survive two natural disasters before 1900.

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