The news cycle has become increasingly bleak and near-dystopian lately, as Donald Trump's new position as Leader of the Free World has set off alarm bells that have already transitioned into very real threats against journalism, women's reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, climate change and immigration -- just to name a scant few.

The amount of gaslighting already committed by Trump's administration alone -- White House press secretary Sean Spicer remains resolute in his claim that Trump steadfastly believes the blatant untruth of mass voter fraud; advisor and master manipulator Kellyanne Conway recently coined the laughable term "alternative facts" as though that means something other than "lies"; Trump's administration continues to spread the falsehood that his inaugural attendee turnout somehow surpassed Obama's, despite aerial footage that it did not -- is alarming if only for its sheer volume. The Internet, with its unavoidable news, has finally become an exhausting, daunting place to visit.

But -- and this is important to remember -- not all hope is lost. In an attempt to counter the horrors unleashed upon the world within the past five days (yes, President Trump has held that moniker for a mere five days), we point you to the above: A video of Ciara's two-year-old baby, Future Zahir, along with her husband Russell Wilson, offering a declaration of gender equality, posted one day after women all over the world came together in a display of solidarity for the Women's March protests.

"All the women deserve to be treated equal," baby Future says, with some help from Ciara and Wilson. "You have our support ladies!"

It's a solid reminder that there's still good left in this world, no matter how prominent the darkness may sometimes seem.

Ciara Debuts Baby Bump at the 2016 American Music Awards

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