Chris Brown causes drama everywhere he goes -- including to police stations and court houses -- and for once, it may not be his fault.


Billboard reports that Washington, D.C. police are looking into statements made by a cop who responded to allegations that Breezy had punched a man outside of a hotel.

An acquaintance of Brown's claims that the police officer on the scene said the alleged victim told the officer that Brown never hit him. (That was a mouthful -- we'll wait!) When the officer was interviewed later, however, he denied speaking to said acquaintance -- but a uniformed secret service officer on the scene said he witnessed the conversation and that it did, indeed, happen.

Still, more he-said she-said ensued, with Brown's accuser denying saying that Brown never hit him. Phew.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier released a statement about the fiasco. "We are aware of the discrepancy among witness statements in the Chris Brown case. This is not uncommon in cases with multiple witnesses involved," Lanier assured. "We have received no complaint of misconduct on the part of any officer in this matter. Nobody has accused anybody of lying. One person says one thing, one person says something else. Nobody has made an allegation that an officer is lying."

Here's hoping everyone involved is brought to justice ... and that Breezy can keep his nose clean!

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