TMZ reports that Chris Brown and his team believe that Deputy D.A. Mary Murray has a score to settle with the singer

Murray is the same woman who prosecuted Brown in the Rihanna case and Brown and his team seem to think that she's holding a grudge because she's the person who pushed for his arrest following a woman's claims that Brown pulled a gun on her on Tuesday (Aug. 30).  The woman, Baylee Curran, has since been revealed to have extreme credibility issues, and Brown's lawyer has said that the LAPD didn't find a weapon at Brown's home during their search.

Reportedly, after cops showed up and remained outside of Brown's home until they were able to produce a search warrant, Brown actually went outside and could be seen conversing with the police. Cops weren't even going to arrest the singer, but according to law enforcement officials, Murray played a key role in their decision to arrest him on the spot. According to TMZ, Murray and Brown have a "long, contentious" history—not only did she prosecute him in the Rihanna case, she also was involved in Brown's various probation violation hearings, often asking for jail time and losing.

Brown believes Murray's decision to have him arrested on the spot, despite the fact that he had many witnesses who directly disputed Curran's claims that he'd pulled a gun on her, was purely punitive. In the past, Brown has accused Murray of being racist on Twitter, after she got a judge to toss out his community service hours, saying that they were bogus.

Brown was released the night of his arrest after posting $250,000 bail. He has not been charged and his arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 20.


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