Photo credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images
Photo credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Last week, Chris Brown was named a "person of interest" by Denver police in an assault case stemming from an incident outside a strip club on Umatilla Street.

A woman claimed she was "forcibly thrown off" Brown's tour bus after refusing to give up her cell phone - violating Brown's "no cell phone" policy. She filed a report of third-degree assault, claiming her cell phone was damaged.

While this could have possibly been true, we all know there are at least 2 sides to every story.

I heard from another woman who was at the club that same night - here's what she said really happened:

I was there. She didn't get assaulted. She's just looking to make money. Chris and his crew were very respectful and nice to everyone throughout the night. This is a drunk girl who jumped on his bus and was trying to take selfies (insert laugh-cry emoji) security removed her ass when she couldn't go back on the bus to get her stuff they tossed it out onto the ground and her phone broke. Seems like some thirsty girls just want [a] piece of the pie. Certain women will do anything for money including ruining someone's life. I find it sad, because Chris Brown seems like a really nice guy despite all of his past allegations. I'm sure we can all keep up with the tabloids ourselves, and everyone should know that he just won split custody of his daughter. What's that going to look like for her? I know for a fact that when she's present he doesn't allow anyone on his bus and is very private. Smdh. I hope this girl loses. Let it also be said, once again that Chris and his crew were all very respectful to the club, the girls that work there, and everyone interested that came to spectate. From video accounts Chris Brown wasn't even present when the girl's phone was 'assaulted.' Chris was very low-key the entire time he was there, him and his group of people have their own booth and weren't out in the club making a scene at all. There were a lot of spectators that showed up including multiple beautiful girls that were invited onto the bus. Even the staff wasn't allowed to take photos. It was a good time all in all and everyone was in high spirits. I highly doubt there was any ill-will premeditated or else he wouldn't have allowed people on the bus in the first place! From my perspective, if I was a high-profile celebrity I wouldn't want people to take pictures of me either, let alone have to deal with drunk girls every single night lol.

Brown was filming a music video with fellow artists French Montana and Fetty Wap at Platinum 84 Gentleman's Club after a performance at the Pepsi Center.

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